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Previous boats

Until now, besides sailing on other people's boat, I owned 3 boats, all pre-owned.

The first one was an Outborn 44L, which I bought end 2001. But I changed my plans due to a very interesting offer for a boat of which I dreamt of for long time! So I sold the Outborn. It is a very nice boat which I refurbished extensively. Please check my Outborn 44L page.

The second one was a catamaran. The boat was a Catana 471 (performance catamaran with dagger boards). It was build in 1997. It served for chartering (the less bright side of the boat) in the Caribbean area. I bought the boat in 2003 and sold it beginning 2010. Here is a page with information about this Catana 471...

In May 2010, a friend and I bought a 'new' boat. It's totally different from the previous ones... It's a classic yawl (2 masts) of 1964, entirely made of wood. A lot of work was done to do to bring her back to her former glory. This page show you more about her. She was sold in 2015...

The boat

In 2015, I went back to my old love for catamarans... It's a big Catana on which I live and travel again. (no pictures available)