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Canarian islands

Date: 14/2 - 22/3/2009
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In our journey towards the Caribbean, my friends and I, visited some of the Canarian islands. It was my second passage here, and this time I 'followed' the prevailing winds. It was much more comfortable !

We visited Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Tenerife and La Palma.


In Lanzarote, we stayed in Puerto Calero. It was the third time I stayed in this marina (the second time with this boat). The boat with which I did my first Atlantic Ocean crossing left from here. The harbor was still in the make then... Now, it's a very clean and modern marina. There are good restaurants around.

In the nearby, oh so much, touristic town, Puerto Del Carmen, is, close to the harbor, a small pub called the Scottish Corner. If you like good quality life music, then this is definitively the place to go ! The owner and his friends, became like friends to me, that much I went there !!! My (sailing) friends liked it too: we went 4x during the week we stayed here...

Jardin de Cactus

Around the island...

Timanfaya: lava, lava and more lava... :-)

Grilled with the heat from the underground lava...

The "team"...

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is much greener than Lanzarote. We stayed in the Puerto de la Luz marina. It's a huge marina with all accommodations and repair shops. But my friends and I, didn't like the city of Las Palmas: although you find there all the shops you want, it's dirty, charmless and noisy. the island has some nice dramatic landscapes. The weather was not too good, so the colors on the pictures are a bit fade...

Beautiful encounter underway to Tenerife !


If you ever sail to Tenerife, stay at the Marina Atlantico. They were busy installing their new offices, but their location very close to Santa Cruz de Tenerife is ideal. This city is much nicer, cleaner and enjoyable than Las Palmas ! The island of Tenerife is also very nice and a visit to the area of El Teide (highest peak of Spain at +3700m) and Buenavista del Norte (NW of the island) is most advised ! The road on the ridge (TF-24) coming San Cristobal de la Laguna (basically from the northern airport), leading to the Teide, is a very beautiful one.


Yes, it's snow !

La Palma

Our last stop before crossing the Atlantic Ocean, was the island of La Palma. Very green, it also has a renown astronomical center (Roque de Los Muchachos). The marina of Santa Cruz de La Palma is new, but was subject to some surge...