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Caribbean (heading north)

Date: 03-05/2007
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The purpose of this journey was to bring my boat back to Belgium, but by making several stop-overs. So, after a 7 months break in Belgium, I went back to Trinidad and my ship. There I prepared it to get back to sea. It took me 3 weeks. I traveled to Martinique, Antigua, St Barth, St Martin and finally, before the ocean crossing, to the Bermuda islands.


As I know people on this island, I stopped here first. This island is also very easy for people getting on/off board as there are several flights a day from and to Paris. It's also a good place to stock everything (food, material, ...) as you find many shops and hypermarkets here. I stayed 3 weeks here and had a wonderful time. Here are some additional pictures...
A visitor's "little" boat... A small racing "yole" (fishing boat) An unusual view of my boat... :-)
Part of the bay of Le Marin (note the reef - horizontal brown strip, halfway the picture) Sunset behind the Diamond rock Another sunset, starring my boat (approx. in the middle)
The barge taking boats across the ocean The barge (detail) - these boats are MUCH bigger than mine ! ;-)
The friendly spider from the neighborhood

St Barth - St Martin

After leaving Martinique, I went to St Barth, but made a brief stop in Antigua. I needed to replenish my stock of Antiguan rhum, that I like so much... :-) It was a smooth and joyful journey.

Another species of gull (laughing gull ?)

I stayed about a week and half in St Barth. It's a nice small island, but expensive for most products.

A nice view...

About the nightlife over there... :-) I was there with some people I knew.

My favourite barman ! (making B52 shots) So far so good... Having fun... An American couple discovering the B52
A few B52's are nice, but let's move to something more serious... What? You're challenging me ? A ferocious Hulk (not bad...)
The Lamborghini (3 shots in one) He's good. And another one please ! That's all ? ;-)

And if you wonder, yes, I walked and motored (dinghy) strait to my boat ! :-)

From there I went to St Martin, on the french side. There I made a food stock for the coming journey to the Bermuda Islands.

Bermuda Islands

This journey from St Martin to the Bermuda Islands was 875nm (+1.600km).

Bermuda is a relatively flat country (highest point is around 60m I think), surrounded by a coral barrier. This made these islands (over 150 all together !) famous as many (over 1500 !) ships sank here...

These islands were discovered in the early 16th century. Because of the many shipwrecks, they also were known as the "Isles of the Devil"... These islands are English, but in 1968 the country became a self-governing dependent territory.

I anchored in front of St George, a town founded in 1612 ! It still has it's typical English charm. The capital, Hamilton, is more like a modern city. All the locals were VERY friendly. They were one of the friendliest people I've met !

Bermuda's map - all the yellow is reef ! Part of the flag - notice the shipwreck...
A flying fish that dried out on my deck Approaching St George (NE of the island) The passage...

St George

St George Town hall Detail

Here are some other places...

Royal Naval Dockyard

Crystal & Fantasy caves

Northwest coast

Tobacco Bay

And some flowers...

Passion flower Wild flowers