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Date: 29/8 to 4/10/2008
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Croatia is a part of the former Yugoslavia. It has nice and varied coastal sceneries. This is the first country I've sailed in where you MUST have a sailing license! And incidently (or is it ironically ?) it is also the only country where I ripped a sail (spinnaker) because I had to urgently stop furling it, to avoid a collision, because a jerk (sorry for my language) on engine on a charter boat cut my road and clearly ignored the rules of the 'road'! You also have to pay an annual fee to sail around here. It is based on the size of your boat.

I haven't seen all of the country, as I didn't have the time, but what I've seen is very nice. What I also noticed, is that the inhabitants, although friendly, barely smile. Even in the street you rarely see them smile or laugh. Maybe it has it to do with the recent civil war that raged here or maybe I've got a wrong impression...

I did my entry in Cavtat, south of Dubrovnik. From there, basically, I sailed up north up to the Losinj island and back to Cavtat. I did so with lots of detours. :-) So here are a few of my stopovers.


Cavtat is a touristic place but kept its charm. The water there is nearly transparent: I could see the details of the bottom, even if the depth was 8m!


A part of this island is a national park and it's green and beautiful.


From here on I had 2 friends on board, and we all were somehow disappointed by Zadar. It was described in books as being very nice. Except for a few, rare, nice things we have seen, the overall impression was not good. We've seen much nicer things elsewhere, even though they were not being described as being worthwhile. For us Zadar was overrated...

Losinj islands

We sailed up to the Losinj island. Unfortunately we got some wind (up to 40kn, approx. 70km/h), so we didn't make many pictures, but we had some sunshine too...

Dugi Otok and Sali

After the Losinj island we went back south, sailed along the Pasman island and then to the Dugi Otok island, more specifically to Sali, a very charming village on its eastern coast. A sailing race stopped there one night.

We also had a quick visit of the Telašcica National Park in the south of Dugi Otok.

Below Dugi Otok you have the Kornati islands and National Park. These are 'bald' mainly due to human actions...


To get up to Skradin, one must sail from Sibenik through a canyon up a river. Skradin is quite charming too and has nice waterfalls !


Although Zadar was rated nicer then Sibenik, we did prefer by far Sibenik. It has such a nice medieval center. The first time we were here, there was also a medieval feast.


Trogir has a very nice old medieval center, which is unfortunately a tourist trap... You can't just walk there without being "agressed" by waiters trying to attract you in their restaurant and that in different languages...

To Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik (at least the old city) is definitively a place to visit !

We had some bad weather while leaving Croatia, but we managed to make some pictures before it really started...