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Europe (Dismastment)

Date: 10/2004 - 02/2005
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Between my dismastment in Portugal and the boat be ready to navigate again, it took 5 months... I lost my mast near the south-west coast of Portugal (St Vincent cape) on the 8th of October 2004. My boat was ready to sail on the 25th of February 2005. This page will show you the different phases.

Mast broke 10 minutes ago... Apparent damage...

The mast broke above the first spreaders. I lost, among other things, my mast (obviously), my boom and both my sails. My starboard daggerboard was badly damaged too. The mast breached the outer skin of my sandwich hull (which has 2 "skins" with foam in between). This made me not see water coming inside the boat at first.

The deck once in the harbour.

Once the boat set dry on the yard and once the insurance agreed on the work to be done, the repair of the hull started.

The location of the punched hull Details...

Some cleanup to analyse the damage... Note the sandwich foam. Cleaned. Here you see the inner skin of the sandwich.

A "romantic" sunset over the shipyard of Vilamoura...

The boat was back in its element on the 4th of January. And on the 21th of February the mast and other parts arrived! 7 days later, the work was done...

A part of the material The mast (in 2 parts) and the boom Preparation of the work on the mast Mast and boom nearly ready

The "new" Nereus