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Europe (Portugal & Spain)

Date: 10/2004 - 03/2005
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While waiting for my boat to be repaired, I did some traveling and visited different places in Portugal and Spain. This page reflects some of my destinations...



In the south-west of Portugal/Algarve South-west coast West coast at St Vincent Cape Lighthouse of St Vincent Cape, not far from where my previous mast rests...

To Monchique... Castle of Silves

Sintra: Palacio de Pene

Sintra: the Maure castle Sintra: Quita de Reguleira


The "funny" side of Gibraltar is that, as soon as you cross its border with Spain, you really feel in England: the buildings make you really feel in England. Only exception: they drive on the right side of the road here...

View of the rock from the south The lighthouse (most southern part of Europe) 100 ton canon which was never used...

Ever seen 2 monkeys on top of a big one ?
Closeup of the Gibraltar monkeys He's trying to take my wallet !

Spain (Sevilla)

Spain square