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Europe (from France to Croatia)

Date: 24/5 to 29/8/2008
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For this part of the journey, I rallied Croatia from La Rochelle (France). Herefor I passed the following countries: (Atlantic) Spain, Portugal, (Mediterranean) Spain, Baleares, (Mediterranean) France, Corsica, Italy and finally Croatia. I sailed over 3200nm (about 5900km). Most of the time I just passed through the regions without staying long.

Before leaving La Rochelle, I made a quick visit to Rochefort. There I wanted to see how the work on the Hermione evolved, as this was my third visit. The Hermione is a project of reconstruction a ship like it was done in the 18th century. The construction started in 1997 and takes place in a dry dock near the Corderie Royale in Rochefort. The Corderie is the place where, in older times, ropes for ships were made. The building is about 300m long !

Corderie Royale

The dry dock and the protecting tent of the Hermione Inside the tent: the Hermione

A look inside the ship One of the workshops (blacksmith) Some information about the Hermione (in french)


Crossing of the Gulf of Biscay

The last time I crossed this Gulf, I had winds of up to 48kn (nearly 90km/h, 9-10Bft). Now I had to cross it 100% on engine as there was no wind... I made a few encounters, see by yourself:

Ocean sunfish

Ocean sunfish


(Atlantic) Spain

I made 2 stops here. One was in a bay close to A Coruña and the second one was at the Ria de Muros, in front of the charming village of Muros.

Around A Coruña Torre de Hercules, the eldest active lighthouse of the world




Sines Cabo Sao Vincente (not far from where my previous mast rests...) Pineau enjoying the view of the Algarve


I passed the Strait of Gibraltar early in the morning (about 5h in the morning), so I was lucky to see the sunrise on the rock... I was also pleasantly surprised to have a bit further a mother dolphin and her baby swimming in front of the boat !

Costa del Sol

Well, there is not much to say about this coast: in my opinion it is ruined by hotels and other tourists resorts...


I went to Mallorca to visit friends over there. The coast is rough and full of nice cliffs. There are some nice places (along the coast and inside the island). I also liked the old city of Palma de Mallorca. Some pictures...

Palma de Mallorca

France (& Corsica)

After Mallorca, I went in the neighbourhood of Toulon, where I took my boat out of the water and worked on it. There I met the owner of the Catana 50 "Timaios". Later I went to Corsica with them and we had a memorable passage of the Cap Corse (wind and waves from ahead - waves of 3m and +).

To Croatia

From Corsica I sailed to Croatia, passing the Street of Messina at the "tip of the boot" of Italy. I passed the island of Montcristo, known from the book of Alexandre Dumas, and the active Stromboli volcano (at night, as I passed it, you can see regular lava geysers). It was a relative dull journey...

Montecristo A very "anxious" Pineau...