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About me

Thierry Jacquet

Born on 1 October 1965, I've been sailing since my 6. I sailed 20 years on dinghies before moving on to keel boats. I sailed 12 years on the North Sea either as skipper for a Belgian charter company (Channel Sailing ), either for personal joy. During that time I also sailed in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and did an Atlantic crossing.
I used to be a computer consultant. I worked as a system engineer and have a specialty in computer networks and security.
From 2003 untill 2009, I devoted all/most of my time to sailing purely. I took a break in 2009-2010, but came partially back to sailing end 2010...

How it started...

I always liked traveling and am a passionate sailor. As I didn't feel too comfortable in Belgium, I wanted to go elsewhere. As a fanatic sailor, the boat was THE obvious travel method !

The goal

To discover the world and its civilizations. Discover other ways of living, other landscapes, other natures and other cultures. Explore our little blue planet which can hide beautiful treasures ! Doing it by sea is a perfect way as it gives me (near) total freedom, which is so important to me.