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Outborn 44L

The Outborn 44L which I originally prepared for my trip, is sold! I found (incidently) the ship I dreamt of for long time (although bigger then really wanted) and sold the Outborn. As you might expect, this ship is a very good state (as it was in preparation for a trip around the world). On this page you'll find a full description of the ship and it's inventory. I also included pictures.


It's an aluminium sloop of 1988 build by Outborn Yachting, a now disappeared yacht builder in Harlingen (The Netherlands). It was designed by the late Peter Rommel.

The main specifications are:

The boat is a former cruiser/racer. She has a hydraulic lift keel (keel weights about 3,5 tons) and is fitted with a bow thruster. There are 2 water ballast tanks (each about 300 l).

The following image gives an overview of the internal arrangements:


The table and settee are elevated and the space underneath is used by the engine room. This gives a 360° view when seated. The engine room is relatively spatious.



Most of the changes on the boat I bought in November 2001 were made by professionals. These are:


Unless otherwise specified, these are from 2002 !



Works to be done

These are in my opinion the jobs which still have to be done, although not mandatory !


With the famous words: "one pictures is worth a thousand words", here are the pictures of the boat. They were taken throughout 2002 and now.
By clicking on a picture, you'll get a bigger version.

General views (2002)

General views (2003)

Keel out

Keel in

Maxprop propeller

The old and new external console...

The spinnaker

Aft cabin

Chart table

Central cabin


Fore cabin


Technical room