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S&S design 1358

Some pictures of the boat...

The boat was designed by the famous company Sparkman & Stephens (alias S&S) in 1957-58 and was build in 1964 in Palma de Mallorca.
She was designed as an "auxiliary yawl", so it's not a racing machine... Here are some numbers:

Length over all (LOA): 14m69 (according to a measurement done in 1965)
Length of waterline (LWL): 10m42 (idem)
Beam: 3m78 (idem)
Draft: 2m13 (idem)
Weight: 18.5tons (unconfirmed)
Engine: Yanmar (100HP)
Sail area: About 118m2 (main, genoa & mizzen); the jib is about 26m2 (estimated in Portugal, 2010)


I did a major refit on this boat. I show here the different stages...

The first one was a quick haul out near Barcelona (one week in 07/2010), where I did the most urgent things (see this page).

The second "stop" (2 weeks in 08/2010) was not an expected one: a part from the transmission between the engine and the propeller broke... This page tells more about it.

I arrived in Vilamoura end of August, where I execute (or have it done) the most important part of the refit. Part 3 of the refit... This page shows you what happened between 01-23/09/10 in Portugal.

This is Part 4 of the refit in Vilamoura. Seems like the whole refit will be handled here: the weather here provides us a much better working condition than Belgium would... So this is, resumed, what mostly happened from 24/9/10 'till 20/01/11.

Here you'll find the final part of the boat's refit in Portugal, which finished end of March 2011...