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Date: 8/10 to 24/10/2008
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A friend of mine sailed with me on this part. We visited several places on Sicily and enjoyed the journey. There are many nice (historic) places on this island.


After a boring passage from the southeast of Italy (no wind, so motoring all the time...), we arrived at Siracusa. This place has a nice old town (my friend used to say, that she would imagine Sicily like that) and an interesting archaeological park. The Romans used to have here an arena that they could fill with water to have some "sea battles" on !

East coast of Sicily

Etna Strait of Messina


We made a brief stop in Milazzo. After passing a big industrial area, we were pleasantly surprised by some charming streets of the older town part. There is also a fortified place, but it was closed when we were there...

Lipari islands

I was told these islands were nice, and it sure was! We made a stop at Volcano, and yes there is a semi-active (fumes) volcano there, which we climbed. We also sailed around the Lipari island (the one that gave its name to the group of islands).


Another place worthwhile visiting here in Sicily, is Cefalu! I do like those human sized cities. You can get everything here and don't need a car to do so (unlike big cities). This place still has some nice remains of its medieval times.

But we've also seen very nice big jellyfishes !


Talking about big cities... Well, there are also nice things to visit here, but without a car it's harder and less charming. Here you have the nice older places mixed with modern (and mostly unattractive) buildings.

Teatro Massimo

the impressive (by its huge size !) cathedral

Some of the sarcophagi under the cathedral date from the Roman era.

Trapani - Segesta

Our last (longer) stopover in Sicily was Trapani. It's only afterwards that we noticed we didn't make pictures from the place. We rented a car and went to visit Segesta and other places, but due to rain and fog our photoshoot was limited... On the site of Segesta, you'll find an unfinished Greek temple which seems to be "in the middle of nowhere". There are remains of a small ancient town 2km further...