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Trans Atlantic Crossing (towards Europe)

Date: 12 May to 11 June 2004
(all pictures are clickable)

There is not too much to say here... I sailed my boat singlehanded from Martinique to Ostend without the usual stopover in the Azores. I did it singlehanded for 2 reasons:

  1. the person who should have come with me, changed her mind (for a good reason)
  2. I took this opportunity to fullfil a challenge I was wondering I could do
The fact that I didn't stop in the Azores, was an idea that germed in my head before leaving (I took enough food + some extras) and that I took once underway. The following picture show you my route (in green), while the brownish line represents the shortest route.


Result? A nice crossing, where I took my time (I didn't push the boat) to save the boat and because of some damages I had. A crossing means managing the boat knowing there is no other help around except yourself! I did 4660 nm (nautical miles) which is about 8630 km in 30 days. I lost 1.5 day in the first 2 windless zones I encountered and I lost another 1.5 day trying to avoid a high pressure zone (windless) blocking the passage to the Channel. I run my engines (one at a time) for about 44 hours. I didn't have much nice weather, sailed nearly 5 days in the fog (around the Azores, with a useless radar which I didn't know of at the time) and had a maximum wind of 39kn (8 Bft).

The damages are:

On the other side, I've seen lots of dolphins and twice whales (first time for me).

So this is it briefly. I also made some pictures. Enjoy !


Before After "cleanup"... No wind Whale !
Fresh tuna