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Trans Atlantic Crossing attempt (towards Europe)

Date: 19 - 27 May 2015
(all pictures are clickable)

Well... I took delivery of the boat I recently aquired in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. I've spent 1 month in doing my best to prepare her for the upcoming ocean crossing and my future journeys with her.

Briefly, the initial plan was to sail with a friend of mine to the Bermuda Islands which would give me the opportunity to discover the ship but not alone. From there on I would have sailed alone to the Azores (Portugese islands), from where another friend would have get along to Belgium. Unfortunately, due to delays in the preparation, my first friend had to go back home...

So I decided to skip Bermuda and sail directly to the Azores but singlehandedly. I didn't have much wind the first 4 days on my way to the Azores. But, I had some damages (they do occur) which I managed to solve. And on the 5th day I finally got stronger winds and heavier seas. Unfortunately, the sail I used (and needed) to sail close to the wind (the solent), got seriously damaged. Because of this, because of heavier predicted winds for the upcoming days and because of previous damages and events, I decided it would not be reasonably safe to continue my journey, and I decided to return to Fort Lauderdale, where I would have all the required material and professionals at hand... It was a deception for me, but safety first.

In the end I did sail a bit over 1.200nm (2.200km) discovering the vessel.

Some pictures of this brief attempt...
Goodbye USA ! Hello ocean ! Euh... where is the wind ?

Spinnaker Sunset

Then you're not always alone on the high seas...

Tropicbirds with their typical tail streamers A little (!) giant of 244m long (@ 6km from me)

The vessels on the next picture were far away from me (8.5km). This is a scene one can see once in a while. You can see a "little" (42m long) high sea tow boat towing a container vessel !!!! Now when I tell you the front boat is 42m long, you can imagine the size of the towed boat... But, one must also ALWAYS keep in mind that the BIGGEST danger of all, is the VERY long, invisible (at this distance) and super strong cable spanning between both boats !!!!!!!!!

And finally pictures of some of the damage I've had... They show you the huge forces acting on a sailing boat.
A broken bolt (it holds the top of the main sail up - 10mm !) A delaminated/damaged solent (storm sail)